It’s Time to Focus

I’m making that commitment to write and nothing is going to stop me!

I’ve spent some time in the last week doing useless things. I’ve read too much on Facebook. I’ve watched too much of the election fallout on the news. I’ve typed long-winded comments in threads debating the local political climate online only to delete them before posting. I’ve clicked on click-bait, only to berate myself because it was clear that it was click-bait but I was somehow unable to stop myself.

And I’ve done things that might appear to be useful. I’ve spent way too much time watching videos on how to market books as an author (by the way I have no finished books). I’ve increased my followers on twitter. I’ve read about how to increase them even more. I’ve read a lot about the craft of writing. These things are my procrastination in disguise, leading me further down the path of not having finished. They are useful in the right time and place but in the here and now they are my excuses and my distractions.
I’m a consumer, a follower, an open receptacle for the endless stream of voices proclaiming their opinions and offering me a taste of their expertise. I’m a sponge, already saturated with water, trying to hold in more.

But I have not written. I’ve missed my own goals. Everyone is more productive than me, it seems. All the world has more to say than me. Inside my head I’m repeating expletives. It’s a strange feeling of paralysis that grips my intellect. I’m in the grasp and I can’t break free.

There’s always something else to do, plans to be made, things to be learned, advice to be heard.

But today I am making a change.

Now I’m taking my own advice.

It isn’t original, of course. It is the mantra of many a sensible author or writing coach. Just write. Get to the page and work. Do the work. Keep writing and finish what you started.

At times like this I feel I almost need a 12 step program to release me from my procrastination addiction. I know others sometimes feel the same.

Hello, my name is Lisa and I’ve been procrastination free for one day.

It’s time to wake up. Unplug. Live in the moment. Grab the keyboard by the horns and just write.

I’ll talk to you later when I have finished.

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