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Fiction Posting Experiment – Day 1

 Day number 1

I’ve been posting fiction on Medium for a little while now and I’ve found that my non-fiction pieces have gained much more traction and much more green love than any of my fiction, by a long way. (This saddens my little fiction writer heart.)

So, in the spirit of discovery, I have decided to carry out a bit of an experiment:

I found a few other places online where emerging fiction writers post their stories and I’m going to post the same stories on these different sites over a period of a month or so to see if the results are any different depending on where I post.

Please, get out your fingers for me and keep them crossed. There is a chance that I will find out that really it’s not them, it’s me, and all of my stories are just terrible, awful things. If that happens, I’m going to need some TLC and moral support…

Now, I know that to get any traction on these sites you have to get involved in the community a bit so I am going to read and comment on at least one story a day from each of the sites (if I have time). I’ll make sure that my interactions and follows are the same on each site.

Believe me, I know this isn’t very scientific but I am interested to see what the results will be.

The sites I have chosen are Wattpad, Inkspired, Tablo and Prose. If any of you have any experience with those or any tips on how to best make use of these sites, please let me know in the comments. Also if you’ve discovered any other useful sites for posting fiction, I’d be glad to hear about those too.

I’ll let you know how I am doing in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Fiction Posting Experiment – Day 1

    1. Hi Andrew! I’m going to do a final update with this one but the short answer is that not much progress has been made on each of the sites. I get more followers gradually on Prose but I think I need to post a lot more often to get traction. I might try doing a month where I post every day like the Medium challenge to compare it and I am going to change my approach to Wattpad to create books that are longer, rather than just posting flash ficion. Hopefully these adjustments might make some differences.

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