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Beginnings of a Writer’s Journey

It’s about time I started to blog. These are the thoughts of my good conscience today. I have been doing a lot of reading, finding out, learning, listening, but not so much creating. I write a little fiction (more or less) regularly at the moment but I’m still to be found procrastinating at the office table far too often.

I blame social media.

No. I blame myself.

If it weren’t social media it would probably be something else. It’s so easy to fall into the spiral of endless web surfing, off on a tangent looking for something and then clicking on something else. It feels so strange being aware of it and then doing it.

I watch almost in slow motion at times as I hover the mouse and then click. Sometimes I snap out of it and scold myself but other times I seem to drift into a numb state of passive paralysis with a robotic stare. Oh look! Which celebrities died and I never noticed? What amazing thing did that rescue dog do next?

Blogging may help, of course. It might just get me back on track. It might be therapeutic somehow.

Or not? I figure, at least, it can be a record of a journey.

This is to be my journey, from zero to …er… financially buoyant? From unemployed, pretending to be self-employed, debt-ridden uselessness to respectably earning something, anything?

These are high hopes I bet you’re thinking.

Just a modest living, that would be a great achievement. And I could carry on doing stuff or procrastinating about doing stuff that I actually like, without having to declare bankruptcy.

Are you with me? I’m going to plunge myself into this writing journey. I’m giving it my all and we’ll see where that takes me.

Maybe you found me here because you’re doing the same thing? Well, let’s take the bull by the horns and do this thing, shall we?

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