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Eva Deverell’s 100 Flash Fiction Prompts – #1

Recently I found the wonderful website of Eva Deverell which happens to be packed full of marvellous resources for writers (amongst other lovely things) and just happens to look amazing too. One of those resources is an ebook entitled “100 Days of Flash Fiction Prompts” and I downloaded it without hesitation (of course). I don’t think… Read More Eva Deverell’s 100 Flash Fiction Prompts – #1


Blog Hop!

I remember distinctly being involved in this very blog hop back in 2013 or so, when I had a previous incarnation of a blog. This time, I’m going to visit every one on the list!  . This is a Blog Hop! 1. Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh 2. Heather M. Gardner 3. Following the Whispers.… Read More Blog Hop!

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Writers – Remove Distractions and Focus on the Job at Hand

OK, let me first admit something. I am guilty of approaching things with a scatterbrain approach. I don’t mean this in a disorganised way as such. It’s more like an unfocused way. My brain seems to suffer from a syndrome that someone has probably already studied and named and of which I am unaware. You… Read More Writers – Remove Distractions and Focus on the Job at Hand


It’s Time to Focus

I’m making that commitment to write and nothing is going to stop me! I’ve spent some time in the last week doing useless things. I’ve read too much on Facebook. I’ve watched too much of the election fallout on the news. I’ve typed long-winded comments in threads debating the local political climate online only to… Read More It’s Time to Focus